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Who got the firsts of the year?

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MsIDFC and I had grand plans to venture forth today and nab a couple of caches. Yeah, right. 5 bottles of champagne, a breakfast casserole, a DVR, and comfy couches conspired to keep us inside and warm. But, I'm sure others were more ambitious.


So, just like they do on the news with the "first baby of the year" I figured we could have a little fun with folks offering up their geo-firsts of this year.


So, without further ado, I offer the following categories (and encourage the creation of others):


1) First find of the year. I assume someone was out caching around midnight and made a find. How is wo/man enough to admit they were caching instead of reveling?


2) First DNF of the year. Perhaps even more embarrassing. Were you out around midnight and DNF'd?


3) First FTF of the year. Might be a little longer to see this on filled...

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RodGowdy and I had at least two before then as we got out way before noon...HoneySuckle Hill and Montlake Bridge In the U District were the first two we did. We decided to come here as parking is free on Holidays. I also found one at about 8 at night the night before so I wonder if I got the last one of 2008 as well!

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Wasn't out caching late, but since no-one has claimed anything yet - I'll put myself in first place for now for 'First find of the year' with 'Under the Boardwalk, Down By the Sea' GCGT87 around noon today. Might be able to get last DNF of 2008 with the same cache around 4pm yesterday.


Hi, Sorry to hijack the topic. I have the feeling it took longer for anyone in Kitsap County to get 100 from any where any type than it does now to find 1,000. I have alway had the feeling that you were the first in Kitsap County. I know I wasn't. Do you have any idea.



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