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I found one and didn't know it!


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Yesterday, I tried to find my first cache. It was within .9 miles from my house, and I knew exactly the location from the description without having to use my GPS. So I went there and looked all over the place for it around the tree that was referenced. The hint was "Keep your eye on the pipe". There were a number of pipes around the tree, but I was looking for something big- a canister something. Plus, I mis-read the description and I thought it was a "take something and leave something" cache.

I also should have looked up what a Bison-tube is before I went. :)

Anyway, in one of the pipes, I found a metal ring sitting on top of the pipe, so I pulled it up and there was a wire attached to it with a tiny metal capsule at the end, and I was like, "What the eff is this?" so I unscrewed the capsule, and saw a smaller capsule inside with some kind of stuff in it, but I didn't look close enough. And the thing was wet because there was water in the pipe, so I kind of grossed out, put the capsule back together, and put it back where I found it. Then I proceeded to bushwack with my feet on private property (which I didn't realize at first), while getting attacked by prickers and weeds with fuzzy stuff that stuck all over me. I was there for almost an hour and was totally bummed out when I thought I didn't find anything. But I've been wondering about that metal capsule thing ever since, and why would something like that be in a pipe. And in the comments from people who found it, someone mentioned two days earlier that the log was wet... so then I wondered more about that capsule inside the pipe that had water in it.

And I decided to look up what a bison tube was.... and I can't believe I had found it and didn't realize it!! I can't wait to go back after work today and sign the log. And by the way, how is there a log stuffed into that tiny tube? Is it just rolled up in there?

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:D Welcome to the wonderful world of frustrating things! You will find all sorts of creative ways folks have chosen to hide caches. Bison tubes, hollowed out bolts, 'fallen' logs, you name it.


Best advice: Read the cache page carefully. Read all the logs from previous finders. There will be hints that will help you on your hunt.


It's already clear you have a good sense of humor about things. It will help you greatly as you search.


Fun stuff!

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