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Mildly interesting random intersection

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Thought some of you may find this interesting. I wonder if anyone can top it (I suspect someone can)>


Background - the C&GS monumented T-sta VOLNEY in a rural area of Allamakee County, Iowa in 1961. No recoveries have been reported on it since the original monumentation.


I have never coordinated my benchmark hunting itinerary with any other hunter (save fivethings and sixthings). [Although ArtMan and, to a lesser extent, Harry Dolphin can apparently read my mind and get to marks in New Jersey just before I do.]


So, given the facts and circumstances (remember, I live in Virginia), what are the odds of VOLNEY:


ON0831 T-sta VOLNEY



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If we'd met that would have been a really rare coincidence...

I got another one about Bill!


A few years ago in Morris, IL, (June of '06). I was with my mom as I completed a task for her at camper/campground south of town, and we went into town for some dinner. Afterward I asked her to drive down the old river road; she'd never been on it and I wanted her to see where it led out of Morris. I also wanted to nab one mark on a bridge that I was sure I could get: MF0210.


After doing that and driving down the road, we passed an intersection where I've stopped on my own in the past to seek a mark. I noted a fella barely off the road intersection. 'Hmm, wonder if he's a survey mark hunter,' I thought. But we kept driving.


A day or so later, when I get home and have internet access, I go to log MF0210, but I see Bill93's log on that same mark for the same date I was there. So I put it altogehter to realize that it was Bill93 that we'd seen later on down the road. Sure, common sense should have told me what that fella poking around the weeds and tall grass near the intersection was up to! Too bad we didn't stop so I could say hello.


And I didn't even notice any stomped down grass and weeds. Some detective I'd be. Shucks.

That's funny :)
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