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Quality Handheld GPS help


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I have a Car Mio C520 that works pretty well in getting me close but once I stop moving it spins and doesn't work all that well. I am looking at getting an inexpensive, handheld GPS that has a magnetic compass. I hope to spend close to $200 on it. Any suggestions would be awesome.

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For sure! I have run into a few people using car GPSs that don't work all that great. I would say, at a $200 budget, a Garmin Etrex Legend is a good choice. That's what I have started with and I know a ton of cachers that use this model as well. It's an easy interface to use and it's pretty accurate. I have have a pleasure geocaching with it so far. Ask a lot of other cachers and you will get 99.9% of the time nothing but great comments! The price is great too! If you have any more questions regarding this unit, feel free to contact me :rolleyes: Below I have given you the link to the garmin page explaining it in detail! I hope you find a good unit soon and happy caching!



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I have two Delorme PN20's, and love them! You can buy them new from the company for about $250, or cheaper from earthmate.com through eBay. They're compact, tough, waterproof, fairly accurate, fairly easy to use (I'm almost computer-illiterate!), and best of all, come complete with good maps as well as a couple for $100 worth of even better maps. I think they also either have or are about to introduce, a deal wherein you can subscribe to their map service and download all the extras (USGS maps, aerial photos, satellite, imagery, etc.) you want for something like $30/year. The only downside I can see, is that they don't interface with the web site quite as easily as some other units.

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eTrex Vista HCx (compass + altimeter):




Brand new: $215 + free shipping:




Don't need removable card ...


eTrex Summit HC (compass + altimeter):




Brand new: $181.99 + free shipping:



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