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I am anxiously awaiting the new Geode application for the Iphone 3G. http://www.nonameindustries.com/geodeapp/ Looks like a great app, but there seems to be little update to the release of this. Last date was Aug 24. Anyone know the status of this project?


I know they are still working on it as of about 10 days ago. No idea why they haven't updated anything in a while. They have some pretty ambitious claims, so it might take a while to get those completed.

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Anybody knows anything about those guys?!


Hi everyone...Matt here from NNI. Sorry for the lack of responses lately....everyone at NNI has been pretty busy with their day jobs and we have all been traveling a lot lately. I've been preparing to spend the next 2.5 months in Germany starting on Saturday, Zach has been up in Canada for the past couple weeks, and Rich has been traveling all over the continental US. Our travel schedules all collided and we haven't been able to dedicate much time to Geode the past two weeks, but I assure you it's still in development and things are settling down now to the point where we can get back to focusing on Geode.


We are working on knocking out the one piece that's been keeping us from releasing betas to groups of testers and that's the sync applications. We need an easier way to get gpx files on to the device before it's useful to anyone, and we are focusing most of our time on that.


Again - sorry for the silence. If you ever want a quick development update, feel free to shoot me an email directly to matthew.breedlove@nonameindustries.com and I'll get back to you as quick as I can.

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