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Earthcache question


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What scale of folding do you see? It is difficult to tell from this picture if the strata are in fact folded. Irregular topography and an oblique view of the structure can both create an illusion of folding. All I can say for sure is that bedding is inclined here. What part of the world is this?

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The picture was taken in SW Virginia.


I have looked at pictures of folds and have seen some that look like the picture and some that look totally different


I can show you pictures of folds that range from sub milimetre-scale to kilometre-scale with every possible interlimb angle between parallel limbs to a very gentle warp, with angular hinges to very rounded hinges. However, maybe the lighting is less than ideal, but I do not see a fold in the picture you posted, and I have an eye for these structures. Can you perhaps repost the picture with a circle outlining them or an arrow pointing to the folds to help us know where to look?

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At the scale I can't see any folding. however, I can clearly see some beautiful strata so you have the makings of a stratification-related EC.

Are these beds important?

-do they hold mineralization in another locality?

-Do they contain fossils?

-Any cross-bedding visible?

- are they composed of the same rock type or do they have other intercalated rock types?

-other sedimentary structures that will give you way up? eg. flame structures if there are mudstones/siltones about.

-are they intruded by igneous rocks?


Anyway, the possibilities are endless if you just spend the time and study the site a little better. I suggest you actually stop the car, get out and place your nose very close to the outcrops.

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