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Message in a bottle..

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Hello from the USA!


While I was out caching, we found a plastic bottle with a note in it (and full of water). We didn't know what we would find, so we drained the water and unrolled the note.


The note/message appears to be in Arabic, but we are not sure. If I were to scan the note into a PDF file, would someone be willing to translate it, or at least tell us what it is about?


My whole family is curious as to what we may have found.


Thank you!

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Thank you. You certainly know what interests me :rolleyes:



BTW, I have just logged my 22nd find here in the UK (mainly in the beautiful Yorkshire Moors) .. quite a contrast from the Tuwaiq mountain range.




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Here are two interpretations that I received:


Some feedback on your message. It appears to be the writing of a child or of a person of low literacy / intellect. The writing in neither in pure Arabic, Udu nor Farsi. Although the actual language cannot be identified for certain there are a number of words that can be made out. [udu and Farsi speakers have looked at it as well.] The rectangles around the diamond have many duplicated words and none are really written in a coherent manner. The few identified words indicate that the "theme" could be that of a letter of "love" - not necessarily a love letter but more a letter of expression of love similar to what a child would write about his family perhaps (?)
Here is my take on the writing you emailed me:


It is in Arabic .. not well written but generally readable with some words using Arabic alphabet that are not recognizable. I don't know how old it is as there is no date but probably not very old. You may be able to tell approximately how old from the type of paper and ink used. I don't see any message in it (as in from somebody to another). The writing is basically religious in nature citing some names of angels, devil, god (Allah) and the prophet. However, it does not look to be a distress call. The layout (design of the squares with the wording inside) reminds me of what has become to be known throughout the Arab world as witchcraft or work of magic – black magic, to be specific. Many believe that by recovering a paper like this is the first step in healing someone who has been adversely affected by it, i.e., to ward off magic. This is my best guess on the translation and meaning of this writing.


I guess it is still mostly a mystery. I may have to put it back in a bottle and let it go again...just in case.

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