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missing character encoding for Subject in watchlist notification


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Recent email notifications concerning caches with German umlauts (and I suspect other non-ansi characters) are not correctly displayed. The problem appears to be the missing encoding declaration.


The email from 23 Jul 2008 displays incorrectly (corrected for forum display):

Subject: [LOG] Watchlist: Igel7 found Dresdens sch& #228;rfste Ecke (Traditional Cache)


This email from 22 Jul 2008 shows up correctly and has the right encoding specified:

Subject: =?utf-8?B?W0xPR10gV2F0Y2hsaXN0OiBCK00gZm91bmQgRHJlc2RlbnMgc2Now6RyZnN0ZSBFY2tlIChUcmFkaXRpb25hbCBDYWNoZSk=?=

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