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Bug Movement E-mails


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I got a PLACED e-mail on a owned geocoin!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D:anibad::blink::P:DB):P


Sooooo maybe things are getting fixed. It's just 1 but I think that is all that got placed today.


"[LOG] Owner: TrailCats4 placed Shilo's Beach Ball Geocoin (Beach Ball Geocoin) in Past Pilot Peak"

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A while ago I stopped receiving mails when I moved an own TB/coin or when I wrote any log on an own cache (however I was always getting the mails when someone else moved a TB/wrote a log). I understood that this was on purpose by GC that you don't receive mails for actions on own items - which I didn't mind, as I normally know when I'm writing logs for them anyway :D


However now, I started getting them again (in the last couple days). Again, I don't mind as there are not too many of these mails, and sometimes it's kind of useful to get a confirmation mail.


Just interesting to see this being turned off and back on...

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