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VGA resolution (issues with on WM6 & iPAQ 214)


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I gave the Player (2.0.5129.5191) a try on a Windows Mobile 6 device (iPAQ 214 - 210 or 212, different regional references for the same device).


The good news: it installs fine, it detects a bluetooth GPS (even in a software split port); overall it seems to work.


The not so good news:

  • when it does not find a cartridge in the configured path it either: a) crashes; B) gives a loop notice (nagging, one warning would be enough and afterwards we should be able to change settings/the path to the cartridges etc..; as it is one has to be really fast to close the pop-up warning and quickly touch the "menu").
  • Graphically it does not adapt/cope well with the VGA (480x640) resolution (see the screen shots bellow): the GPS fix icon is small and oddly surrounded in white; the fonts for the cartridge title do not seem to have space for rendering; the arrow showing the direction is too small and what I guess is the distance indication to the left does not show.

Sadly I have no nearby cartridge to further test this but as I create and test my own I intend to update-report this post with my "findings".


Anyway, Wherigo is a step in the right direction and I am very impressed with the features in the Builder.




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I got the same resolution problem with the HTC Tough Diamond.

I tested with the standard demo cartridge (Wherigo Anywhere). Text pages are o.k. but e.g. menu's have the same 'half'-character problem as described.


By the way: The program found the build in GPS (com4, 9600)


Does someone know If it is possible to create a 'ticket' to the development team? Which 'department' ?

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