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Show Image at zone arrival?


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Is it possible to show a specific image when a player enters a zone?

If so, can you show only after the correct response to a question?


What are the limitations of the images?


I have not digged into the builder yet and want to be sure my idea is possible.



BigBird (NL)

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Yes, you can show an image to the player after s/he enters a zone. You can do this a number of ways. When the player enters a zone, you can change that zone's picture. You can also show a message to the player as s/he enters the zone.


After a player responds to a question, you can show whatever message you want based on the player's answer. You can select which picture to show when you're making the cartridge in the builder. You can also do some other fancy things in the actual lua file you can't do in the builder.


Your images must be JPG if you want them to display everywhere.

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