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Where to load Garmin POI files?


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I'm trying to load the Garmin POI program onto my Legend HCx and I get to a screen that asks me to select the directory where the data files can be found. I need a file with a .csv or a .gpx extension.

Where to you load this program? How do you find such a file?

I realize I'm shooting questions at this forum pretty quickly, but there is so much knowledge here and I am trying to get up to speed and get my new GPSr configured and loaded so that I can learn how to best utilize it for everything from 4-wheeling, to hiking, fishing, canoeing to geocaching. Not listed in any particular order.




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First, you need to create a file of waypoints in either .csv or .gpx format. That latter is probably easier to do. You can use MapSource to generate a list of waypoints and then use the "save as" function to save the list - when you do, change the format to .gpx, rather than the default Garmin database format. You could also use EasyGPS, ExpertGPS or GSAK. Then, note where you saved that file and go to it when you get to that screen. After you have loaded them, the points of interest with show up as "custom poi" on the find page.

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I have several different databases in GSAK for all the data I get from Pocket Queries (a Premium Member feature).


Then, I have a POI Update folder in which I put several different .gpx and .bmp files, so the different POIs will have a unique icon. I point the POI Loader to that folder and it sends all the files at the same time and they show up as different Custom POI databases on my Vista HCx.


The .bmp files have to have exactly the same name as the associated .gpx file.


Found. gpx

Found. bmp (Treasure Chest with checkmark)

Unfound. gpx

Unfound.bmp (Treasure Chest)


Owned.bmp (Camera icon)


Benchmarks.bmp (Blue Dot)

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