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60csx remove 1000 geocaches howto

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I recently purchased a 60csx for geocaching and loaded 2 sets of 500 geocaches for different areas (Waco, TX and Birmingham, AL). I loaded them via mappoint file import gpx file from a pocket query on geocaching.com. Now I'd like to load another 500 for Houston, TX but am out of "waypoint memory". How do I "easily" delete the 1000 geocaches so I can load another 1000? I read something about reseting the system by holding a few keys while powering up, but this shouldn't be used often. I also heard about just using POI's instead of geocaches. I'd like to find a menu item to purge waypoint memory, but haven't found it yet. Any suggestions?





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That's not correct ... you need to delete the old ones.


Someone highlighted how to get to the delete waypoints screen from the Find menu already ... the other way is to go to the odometer screen (the one with distance travelled, stopped time, moving time, etc.) and hit the menu key ... you can select Reset from here and one of the menu items will let you clear ALL waypoints.



When you down load the new caches the older ones would be removed. So just down load the new ones.



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why removing POIs if you could have more than 1000 on it??


I am using a macro in GSAK to export the caches to POI files. Then I start Garmin POILoader and export them to my 60csx. Currently I have +3000 caches (all belgian caches) in my device.


Little desadvantage: they are not marked as geocaches

Littel advantage: they are in different categories (multi, trad, mystery,...)


More info: see my blog.




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Find -> Waypoints -> Menu -> Delete -> Delete all


That did the trick. Thanks!


I discovered that gpsbabel can write the geocaches directly using garmin usb protocol.


to add pocket query caches in gpx format to your 60csx in linux/mac/win quick&easy...


run "gpsbabel -i gpx -f somefile.gpx -o garmin -F usb:" without the quotes





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