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Geocaching with a Tomtom?

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Yup, I did it for several months before I got my dedicated caching unit (the 1XL part of my screen name is from the Tomtom ONE XL). It is easiest if you sign up for the premium membership (I see you have already done so) to have access to pocket queries, and then use GSAK for all the file manipulation. GSAK has export options that allow you to export to the Tomtom in it's native POI format, and you can also export an HTML file that works great for paperless caching (hints, logs, description, etc..). The Tomtom has a "text" viewer that is not very well documented on all models, so you might have to do a little "tweaking" to make all this stuff work perfectly, but it is very doable and it is well worth it! Battery life is another issue, but again this is not a "show stopper".

You can check out what I did to make the battery life work for "extended" hikes here

All the software "tweaks" you might need for POI manipulation and text viewing can be found in the

Tomtom forums.

Good luck, and Cache on!

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