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I have a GARMIN LEGEND C for sell and a GARMIN GPS V (5) ... we have others we use now so these have been just sitting around... the LEGEND C is in it's box and all paperwork, TOPO V2 (mind you for South Central Ontario, Canada), I will also include a carrying case.

Would like:

C$150.00 LEGEND

C$60.00 GPS V

*shipping & handling covered by YOU*


If you have any questions or concerns you can email me at: nicci_c@hotmail.com


aka - KUPCAK




*I'm new to the FORUM thing... so I have sent this msg to two ppl thru PM and also as a reply... sorry :D:P

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i recently lost my gps and was wanting to replce it and was interesterd in the ones you are selling please let me know my email is bykerdan@lycos.com i am down in arizona and my phone number is usa code 520-250-4765


Hi Dan

From what I know the U$ dollar and C$ are pretty much even. At work we are taking funds at par.

I would suggest looking up the models i have on google or the garmin website to know much about them. I'm not really all that technically inclined I just enjoy geocaching and not getting lost!!!! :wub: lol

I'm sure shipping & handling to Arizona shouldn't be too bad.



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Hi Y2K0TA :lol: hope you are nejoying your GPS V ??? :D


Works great! Its a nice step up from the GPS III I had. Just need to get the Setup disk for the City Select. I bought a cable to I can hook it up yo my laptop. and the software doesn't work :D


But all in all I love it. :D

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