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Mapsouce help . City nav v8

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I made a route. I saved the route . I now need to make some changes to errors I made . I cannot seem to delete the sections on the map that I dont want . Help please . The erasing tool does nothing .

Maybe a link or a how to on erasing part of a route i dont want .

Thanks .

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You should have a window open on the left with several tabs (routes, tracks, etc)

Go to the route tab.

Highlight the route.

Right click it and select properties.

You will see a tab "via points".

Highlight and delete the route points you do not want.

I dont see via points . But I was able somehow to make part of the route yellow then delete it .

I dont know how I did it or how to select only a certain part to delete .

Thankyou for your help very frustrating software issue .

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To edit a route in MapSource, use the pointer tool. Single click on the route to change it from magenta to yellow with red arrows. Then single click on it again near the point at which you wish to make a change. Then drag the route to where you want it to go and single click again. Repeat as needed.


You can't delete sections of a route. You can only delete points. As noted above, if you go to the "Route Properties" dialog box, you will see the via points in the route and you can move or delete them as you wish.


You can also use the pointer tool on the map. With the route not select (ie magenta not yellow with red arrow), right click directly on one of the points. This will select the point and bring up a context menu. Select "Delete Waypoint". You will get a box confirming that you want to delete a point that is part of a route. Click "Yes" to continue. Repeat as needed.

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