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Waypoint Input for eTrex Venture HC

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I'm new to all of this. Been researching GPSr's for the past day or so. Decided on Garmin because of concern with Magellan's customer service. Almost sold on the Venture HC. I like the price and the reports of the accuracy. I guess the only things holding me back from a purchase is out-of-the-box capabilities and whether or not you can create a new waypoint on the fly for muli-caches. My computer is also somewhat old, still works pretty well if I don't do to much multi-tasking, but it has not handled a new program for awhile as it is mainly used for the internet and microsoft office (homework). I can't find a basic guide that won't confuse me or require the piece of equipment to be sitting in front of me in order to understand. If someone could just tell me the bare bones of what you need to do to operate. Thanks

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Depending on how old your computer is you will have issues with comunicating with your GPS unless it has USB ports. You can purchase a USB to Serial port cable, but it can be a pain to configure correctly to work, and it is MUCH slower than the USB port.


I don't have a Venture HC, but as far as I know all the newer Garmins can create a waypoint on the fly. It is my understanding that creating a waypoint with the new Colorado can be a pain, but it is not that hard on the older units. You just mark the spot you are at and edit the coordinates to the waypoint you want.

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Very easy to create a new waypoint on that Venture (and most Garmin units). Hit mark and then edit the point with the click stick to match where you want to go. Then go there.


The Venture HC is a great little unit but cannot do autorouting. Color screen, fast USB, long battery life, rugged, mapping, good form factor.

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I have one. I like it. I have an older one as well. I had problems with the first one and had not geocached in a few years. I saw a gps on sale and although I did not get that one I did get a new venture. Then I was just going to throw the other one away but called garmin and sent the old one back, they sent me a new working one.


So now I have 2 ventures. I just got a new laptop and do not have trouble loading waypoints. If you can afford it they say the 60 is a good unit. I'm OK with a non mapping unit as my needs are simple.

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