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Question about Nuvi250W


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Okay, recently I was riding in the car with my friend who has a Nuvi260W. His verbally talks to you about which road to turn on in X amount of miles. His also says the street name at the top of the screen in case you have it on mute. Now, I know that the Nuvi250W does not tell you to turn on X street in X miles. It only tells you to turn in X miles, my question is, does it still show the street name at the top of the screen? Or does it just tell you when to turn? I hope I explained this in an easy to understand way, if you are unsure as to what I am asking just let me know. Thanks!!

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Yes it does, check out this link and click the "experience nuvi" link and you will be able to check it out yourself. (I'm assuming that the 250 will be the same as the 200 in this regard)

Thank you! Yes, the 200 and 250 function exactly the same way, the only difference is the 250 comes with maps of Canada and Alaska.

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