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Garmin Upgrades

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Thank you for contacting Garmin International.

Garmin products sold through online auctions such as eBay are not

eligible for rebates or other special offers from Garmin. Online auction

confirmations are not accepted for warranty verification.


To obtain warranty service, an original or copy of the sales receipt

from the original retailer is required. Garmin will not replace missing

components from any package purchased through an online auction.


With Best Regards,


Kim P

Customer Service Representative

2nd Shift Customer Service Team

Garmin International



913-397-8282 (fax) Att: Kim P


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I'm not surprised by the response.I'm sure most companies,who sells their wares through "official" outlets would agree with Garmin's sentiments.I personally would baulk at purchasing any electical item from any auction site or non recognised outlet for exactly the same reasons that Garmin have specified (and peace of mind too) :D

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When I wrote to Garmin about upgrading my maps I got this response :


You are able to update your maps to v2008. This can be done by accessing

your myGarmin account (username: ****) and ordering the update

DVD, which is $75.


I bought my GPSr off Ebay but we bought the City Navigator from Garmin and that's where the maps come from. I can see Garmin's point as if someone bought the maps CD and loaded them on Mapsource and into their GPSr and unlocked them, then sold the CD to someone else who was able to obtain an upgrade then you have two users using the same map software (i.e. pirating).


I do have to give kudos to Garmin as the mount button on the back of GPSr was worn and if was falling out of my belt clip and I wrote them to see how much this was and they just asked for my mailing address and sent me one for free. And when I asked about getting a replacement button pad for my way out of warrantee MAP60C as the button faces were worn off, for $25 they replaced my GPSr with a 100% rebuilt (like new) one and they paid shipping and turned it around f-a-s-t!

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