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Most User-Friendly Simple GPS?

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Took my mom Geocaching and she is hooked. I would like to get her a unit for birthday, however, the only problem is that I need to get her the most user-friendly and simple to use unit. Thanks for any input. I might mention, she would only use it for cache hunting.

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I'm going to get slammed here but I can tell you that I cached for about 1 1/2 years with a Garmin Etrex ($99.00) unit. It worked perfectly and I found a lot of caches with it. I have since upgraded to a 60 Cx which is a huge upgrade but there are things I miss about my old yeller. I am not suggesting buying this unit but just about any GPS'r will work. My big suggestion is to get a color unit which the $99.00 Etrex is not but other than that the actual sport of caching can be as complex or simple as you want it to be with any unit you buy. You can get very involved with building pocket queries, loading info on to your GPS'r with cachemate, going paperless etc., etc

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For ease of use a Garmin with usb would probably be the best. Since she can simply go to the GC website and click send to Garmin and she is done. The next thing I would suggest would be either the 60 series or the 76 since they have dedicated buttons. With the dedicated buttons like "find" she will have to dig through less menus. The 60 and 76 also have the larger screens for the older eyes. I think a color screen would probably make readability easier also.

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