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  1. Okay everyone i was REALLY in to Geocaching until early last year when GSAK suddenly stopped working for me. I did not change equipment and don't remember doing anything to the computer but suddenly I could no longer load info on to my treo 755P nor will it load directly on to the GPS'r. When I try to load on to the GPS I get a window that says "label1" and a progress bar that just keeps filling over and over again but it never actually loads on to the unit. When I try to load info on to the phone it tells me the database is not recognized. When I talked to the guys from GSAK they suggested a complete uninstall and reinstall which I did several times and this didn't help at all. I still get the same errors. Any suggestions, maybe a new program I could switch to just to work around my problems. I have a GPSmap 60Cx by the way and I hate the POI downloader because the caches don't show up as geocaches so maybe a way to use that would fix half the problem but I still need to get the info loaded on to my treo. I've been out of the game for over a year so I'm hoping there may be some new inovations you can tell me about. Thanks Hayndo Hoping to be sniffing out some cache again soon.
  2. Should have mentioned I had to uninstall then reinstall GSAK
  3. I have recently reset my Palm Treo 755P, and had a few issues with GSAK. I just tried to export a GSAK file to my Palm and here is the error I get: INSTALL TOOL ERROR: Unable to install c:\documentsandsettings\Larry and alisa etc...... .pdb file does not exist. So can anyone tell me whats going on?
  4. There is no way possible that only 200 people used the Google Earth network KML. I also didn't use it on a daily basis but I did use it to go quickly check an area I was going to travel to to give me a quick idea where the caches were located. I would usually then find one very near the spot I was going to stay then do a pocket Query using that GC number as my starting point. I know there are other ways of doing this but I was familiar with this method and I will definately miss this feature.
  5. I have a newer version of Google Earth and my Geocache network KML doesn't seem to work. I can also no longer find the software on GC.com, can anyone help me out?
  6. Can I connect my Garmin 60Cx to a Vista 64 bit laptop using a USB connection and if so can I interface it with Microsoft Streets and Trips. If this can be done can anyone walk me through the steps.
  7. Is it still too early to post this? I got absolutely no interest this time and when I went to Australia 1 1/2 years ago a ton of people replied with coins.
  8. Does anyone have experience with using NiMH batteries in their Garmin 60Cx. I don't go through a ton of batteries but if I could cut down on my total battery disposal and there are very few or no disadvantages I would like to switch over and start using rechargeables. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks
  9. Thanks, I knew it was easy, I just couldn't quite remember the steps, I've got it now.
  10. Hello all, I am going to Singapore, Thailand, and Cambodia In late January 2009. I am willing to take geocoins along with me and drop them in any caches I find while there. A few things you should know: -I did this about 1 1/2 years ago in Australia and out of the 22 coins or so that I dropped about 50% are still in circulation (Australians seemed to like American coins) -I will guarantee that if I find a cache large enough to drop coins in I will drop any coins I have but please keep in mind that Singapore and Thailand are very high population areas with mostly micro caches. Cambodia just has very few caches. -If I can't find a cache in one of the three countries I will return to Michigan and drop the coins here unless instructed to do something else. -I will try to place the coins in many different caches but if finding larger caches becomes difficult I may have to place several in one. I will also try to place a coin in a specific country if you request but there will be no guarantees. If you are interested please e-mail me at celticbass1@comcast.net Thank you, Hayndog
  11. Can anypne quickly remind me how to load waypoints on to the 60 cx as POI's, I've only done it once and I forgot how. I'm using GSAK by the way. Thanks
  12. You seem to be very knowledgeable about this stuff, I just went to your website, very cool. Can you tell me exactly which one of the macros I will want? And at the very top of the macros page it says "export a cache page to a Garmin 60 CX, are they talking the entire page and if so thats very interesting.
  13. I just read another post where someone said there is a macro for GSAK that will convert files so they can automatically be loaded on to the SD card of a 60CX. I only have three macros listed on GSAK and none of them appear to be for that purpose. Anyone heard of this and/or know where I can get macros for GSAK? Thanks
  14. You can ignore micros or you can learn what they are, and where to look for them and some of them can be very easy. Micros in the woods are VERY difficult, micros in the parking lot of WalMart are easy once you know where to look. If the micros you are looking for are in an urban setting then you should understand that they can be as small as the size of a small marble. These are called nanos but Geocaching.com doesn't recognize that size. If you are in the area of metal like a sign, guardrail, or other structure made of metal, the cache will often have magnets attached and will be clinging to the underside of the structure. If you are in the area of pine trees, shrubs, or sometimes wooden bridges they will be a matchstick container (the plastic waterproof type), they will have a small caribeaner attached to them and they will be hanging on a limb (sometimes very difficult). Hopefully that gives you at least some idea but if you would like more help just ask any of the cachers in your area. I have found all of them to be very helpful.
  15. Thank you, I did not notice it. Sorry for the dumb question
  16. I was just contacted by someone who has one of my coins and can't read the tracking number. She has asked me for the number because she has placed it in a far off cache that is set to be published very soon and would like to show the coin as being in the cache. I never wrote down the tracking number. Is there a way that as the coin owner I can retrieve the tracking number. I do recall that the number on the coin was very difficult to read. Thanks
  17. I have only had experience with Magellan and Garmin. The Magellan I have used was an Explorist 210 and the two Garmin units are the Etrex and 60CX. The Garmins are much easier to use in my opinion. The Garmin 60cx (my latest unit) is very easy to use, I've had no problems whatsoever, and I like most of the geocaching capabilities. The one complaint I have with the 60CX is that when you tell it to locate nearest caches it doesn't update as you move unless you again tell it to find nearest caches. The Etrex, a much cheaper model automatically updated as you move closer and further from each cache. The Etrex does not have mapping capabilities though and caching in an unknown area is much easier with mapping. All in all they each have positives and negatives but anyone complaining much about the Garmin units probably works for a competitor.
  18. I know this topic has been discussed but I can't find it anywhere. I put out about 9 or 10 coins in Australia while I was on vacation about one year ago. I have since lost track of at least 4 of those coins. I recently did some tracking and found the people who last had possession and two of them responded confirming that they had lost my coins. One of the two offered two give me an unactivated coin from his collection, the other offered me nothing. 1. Should I take the unactivated coin? 2. If that is appropriate should I suggest the same thing from the other person? 3. Should I forget the whole thing and consider it one of the hazards of the game? Any thoughts would be appreciated
  19. Great thought, I will do just that, thanks for the thought. Hayndog
  20. I'm not getting a lot of interest, could I get some comments about why?
  21. Don't know if this will interest anyone but I am travelling to Singapore, Thailand, and Viet Nam in February of 2009. I am willing to take coins over and place them in caches as I travel if you would like to send them to me. Things you should know: 1. I did this in Spring of 2007 to Australia and took about 7 for other people as well as 12 of my own. Of my 12 coins, only about 7 or 8 are still actively being moved. I think a few Australians kept my coins as gifts. 2. My brother lives in Singapore and says that many of the caches are micro's because of the immense population so placing coins could be difficult. 3. We are primarily travelling to large cities with big populations in all three countries, so finding anything other than micro's could be difficult but I will do my best to place coins, and if required, I will put multiple coins in the larger caches I find. 4. What do I get out of this you ask? I get to discover lots of coins, and I will probably track a few of them for a while. I also love the sport of geocaching and anything I can do to make it more interesting for others is a plus in my book. If this interests you, please go to my caching profile at hayndog and send me an e-mail. I will then tell you where you can send coins. Thanks, Hayndog
  22. I'm just now on my second Garmin, the first was the old yellow Etrex which of course did not have mapping or routing. I just went out today for the first time really and I have to tell you that I thought both the mapping and routing were incredible. I'm not sure how much gas I wasted searching for some of those caches in out of the way neighborhoods, today I drove straight to the parking spot and started my search. I now have a Garmin GPSmap 60Cx and I'm just learning all of it's potential. I've only owned it about 4 months but it appears to be very sturdy, the buttons are easy to operate and other than the fact that the mapping software costs way too much they are great units.
  23. I have a new GPSmap 60Cx and as I was finding caches today one of my options was to list them as found, can I now pull up a list of the caches I found somewhere on the unit? Thanks
  24. I'm going to get slammed here but I can tell you that I cached for about 1 1/2 years with a Garmin Etrex ($99.00) unit. It worked perfectly and I found a lot of caches with it. I have since upgraded to a 60 Cx which is a huge upgrade but there are things I miss about my old yeller. I am not suggesting buying this unit but just about any GPS'r will work. My big suggestion is to get a color unit which the $99.00 Etrex is not but other than that the actual sport of caching can be as complex or simple as you want it to be with any unit you buy. You can get very involved with building pocket queries, loading info on to your GPS'r with cachemate, going paperless etc., etc
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