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Brisbane/Sydney travel bug


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Would anyone in Sydney or Brisbane like to hide a travel bug? I am not a geocacher, but for some reason my mother has given me a travel bug anyway. I live in Brisbane, and will be visiting Sydney next week. Are there any geocachers who would like to take this thing off my hands?


I'm hoping that I can meet you in some nice, well-lit public area, buy you coffee and a pastry, and send the travel bug on its merry way. I see this as an opportunity to make at least four people happy: Rugby Raptors (whose travel bug will approach its goal in Sydney); my mom (who will get something she wants out of me, even if it's not grandkids); you (you'll get a free coffee and a travel bug); and me (I never really wanted a travel bug in the first place).


The bug is registered on geocaching.com as Rosier Times #571175.

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