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TB posted in caches that are not there.

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I'm sure I'm not the first to complain about this, but what are you to do when you go to a cache that says it has a TB, but when you get there the cache has no travel bug. Should you email the cache owner, the TB owner or the last person who was at the cache who may have taken the TB, but has not logged it? This seems to be happening more often and I'm getting frustrated. I guess I should just buy my own TBs :unsure:

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I just chalk it up to the dangers of being a TB in the big wide world. TB's die all the time and often it is very hard for an owner to find out any story behind their demise.


As an owner I appreciate any info about a TB (ie missing, found, etc) and I try to inform owners when I find a TB missing from it's expected location. On the other side of the coin, I have had TB's resurface after they have long been forgotten. That is always a great suprise, but more have been lost than have been revived or even survived for that matter.



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The cache owner can mark a TB "missing". Perhaps anyone can do that? Not sure, but there is a White Jeep TB showing in one of my caches for quite awhile and it is very obviously missing. I just selected the TB from the cache page, and there was an option to mark it missing. I did that, and the location no longer shows in my cache.

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The cache owner can mark a TB "missing". Perhaps anyone can do that?


Just the cache owner (while the bug is in the cache), the bug owner, and Groundspeak support personal.


Good to know. I marked the Jeep MIA, because it has been a couple years. I should have done it sooner, but didn't really understand a cache owner had that power.

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