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Sales or giving away of geocaching-related items

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To ensure that this forum is a success, please respect our ground rules:

  • Threads related to personal selling or giving away of geocaching related items are permitted. No company or business postings/advertising are allowed. Charity solicitations are also not acceptable. Geocaching HQ reserves the right to determine if an item for sale is inappropriate for this board and may moderate users and/or remove the posts in our discretion.
  • Those choosing to participate in an exchange on this board take full responsibility for any consequences of that exchange. Geocaching HQ is in no way involved in the sale of items on this board and will not be held responsible or liable in any way for quality issues, fraud or any default of transfer on the part of the buyer or seller.
  • Individual negotiations or information exchanges should take place through private e-mail or telephone correspondence, not on this board. Please use the communication tools provided on the site or private email.
  • To keep the forum current, ask a forum moderator to lock your topic when a posted item has been purchased or located. Send a Forum Private Message or use the "Report This Post" feature to reach a moderator.
  • Use the following conventions when creating a post: Begin your topic with either "FS:" or "WTB:" to indicate whether the item is For Sale or you Want To Buy such an item. The topic description or subtitle is also very helpful for describing your item further. For example:
(topic) FS: Garmin eTrex Vista plus map software

(description) USB-Serial, MS Streets & Trips, etc. May consider trade.


(topic) WTB: accessories for PalmZ22

(description) protective case, charger, etc.


Thanks for the cooperation.

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