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How to make a GWZ file?

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Maybe I overlooked something, but...


How can I generate a GWZ file of my cartridge? I prepared a new version and I want to upload it to Wherigo pages. Yes, I can do it directly from Builder, but can't add a comment with changes in the new version to it.


The GWY file then appears in my computer, I can upload it with a comment from Wherigo website. But the result is like here: one version without comment, second version is the same, but with comment. And so on.


Is there any way how to make a GWZ file and upload it to the website with a comment together?


Thank you

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A .gwz file is nothing more than a zipped up file containing your .lua file and any associated media. Use your favorite program (such as winzip or whatever) to create a .zip file of all your cartridge files. Simply rename the file by changing .zip to .qwz and there you have it.


The gwz extension is there for future functionality so the the Wherigo builder will have it's own "File association" with it. But the file itself is nothing more than a zip file.

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Can't generate the GWZ file. How do I retrieve it? Is it in the builder?

Can't generate it? As far as I'm aware, the only way the builder might make a GWZ is by publishing the cartridge online. It does make GWCs, though.


If you want to make a GWZ, just zip the lua file and all media it references and change the .zip file extension to .gwz.


If this isn't what you're looking for, could you please explain how you are trying to generate the GWZ file?

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Log in > My Home > Select your cartridge that you have already uploaded that you want to update with a comment > Select "Upload GWZ File"


This way, you can update your cartridge with the comment. Publishing directly from the builder to update the versions do not come with the comment functionality. This bug has been logged in our system.





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The builder can create a gwz.


1. Select Publish cartridge from the Tools menu.

2. Select Yes to login.

3. Do not enter a username or password, and press OK.

4. It will say invalid username and invalid password and Press OK three more times.

5. Check your cartridge directory for a new gwz file created.



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