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Crazy FTF!?


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Ok, I decided to be sportsman like, and try for my First first-to-find.

Covering 830km round trip over the weekend to do it.... !


Almost not making it before another cacher with the same idea.


Crazy ? - Yes, I think so.... <_<


What is the furthest you had to travel for a first-to-find?




PS: Oh by the way - I had to be in the area for some other reasons as well.. smile :rolleyes:

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One of our FTF's was lying in wait for 9 months before we got to it, and it was a 6 and a half hour walk there and back.

This cache rates in my top 5 caches. It is 10 Stop Hill (GC11PGQ) and in the Utenhage area in the Groendal Wilderness Area. I see to date it has only been us visiting it.


This area brings back some memories: We got "lost" in the mountains here, on the wrong side of the dam.

If it wasn't for a scientist on a small little boat, a sleep over in the middle of nowhere, with no

provisions would have been necessary. Actually the reason I got a GPS in the first place... :laughing:


I'm putting “10 Stop Hill” on the to-do list.... (Now with GPS on hand…)

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My biggest problem is that we are in Ermelo and by the time you notice the new listing then it is normally too late. If there is a new listing in MP then it is a 3 hour drive to the cache. To get to the cache you need to be there at day break. To do this you need to be up at about 02h00 in the morning and at the latest you need to be on the road at 03h00. With this technique we found 21 new caches up to date.


But it also does have some good points and sometimes it does put a smile on your face. I was searching for Marco’s mantle but there is no GPS reception. You have to refer back to the photo which I did not have with me. I searched for about 30 minutes and then basically gave up. On my way back I met a man followed by a woman; they greeted me and kept walking. I was about 20 meters away from them before I realized that they are cachers. I turned around and followed them, they responded by walking faster. At the location I caught up with them and I then asked them if they are the team “Series land rover”. He was quite surprised. He probably thought that I am following him to mug him or something negative.


During this period I realized that they also do not have the photo. My idea was to allow them to search for the cache and that I will only log it and they then claim the FTF. We then organized a joint search team. We eventually found it and it was logged as a joint FTF.


Somehow we got out facts and faces mixed. If you read the logs today you will noticed that my log is saying a joint FTF with Series Land Rover. If you read the log from Series Land Rover you will noticed that he logged the find as a joint FTF with Taeros. Maybe someone will correct this one day.

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My "strangest" FTF - and my 1st as well - is GC11794. This cache was placed in March 2007. I found it in August and nobody else has attempted it since then. So after more than a year I have been the only visitor. Granted it is a bit out of the way, but then most caches here are! It is situated in a beautiful part of the country and certainly deserves more cachers visiting it in my opinion. :)

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