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Player does not work on Typhoon MyGuide (same as Mitac Mio 168)

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I have an Typhoon MyGuide 3500 Mobile, it is the same Hardware like a Mitac Mio 168 and a Yakumo delta 300.

When I start the Player i'll get this message:

An error ocurred trying to start the GPS device. A port name must be specified in order to open a serial connection. Port names are typically three letters followed by a number, such as "COM7:".

But I can't change the Port on my device - there is no tool for it. And no, I don't have other programs running in the background using the GPS device. M$ .NET compact framework 2.0 is installed. I also tryed to use the GPS-Gate software to set up a virtual COM7. TomTom and VitoNavigator are working fine on this virtual port - but not a chance with Wherigo player! Why can't I select a COM port manually in the player software instead using auto detection only?


Groundspeak uses a picture of the Mio168 on the Wherigo webpage and says that the minimum requirement of free RAM is 128MB. But the Mio/Yakumo/Typhoon just has 64MB RAM. I don't understand that!


I`m giving up for now! Other people in the green german forum have the same problem too.

It seems that both, the Builder AND the Player are in alpha stadium! :)

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Since the new version is installed I can setup my GPS manually and the Player works. Thanks for the new version and also thanks for all the replies to my posting.

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