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2008 TB Race

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As I am keen on the progress of the racebugs and forever find myself heading to the first page of the travel bug thread, so I thought that I will start a new thread just with links to the TB's. Please do not reply to this thread as I just want it to have the TB's and Coins that are taking part in the race to be listed only. Maybe a forum Admin would not mind locking the thread and maybe pin it for us. :laughing:


Here are all the entrants:


Dewald's Racing Hummer - Cincol

Dewald's Racing Audi TT - Cincol

Hamlet - eragonSaphira

Bolivian Bob - discombob

DiePienaars TFTC Geocoin - DiePienaars


Pooks Chameleon - the pooks

Pooks Shell-Struck - the Pooks

Ho-Humm - Anlafu

Little Nokia - iNokia

Load Shedder - Wazat

Remy the Rat from the Cape - Caperat

Doobie the Camel - CapeCCR

Feng Shui Compass Geocoin - Caperat and CapeCCR

There's a Hole in my Bug-ket - Carbon Hunter

Stars & Stripes TB - Carbon Hunter

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