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removing unlocked map from old unit

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I have a 60Cx and a 60C with CN installed and unlocked. I now have a 400t. Is there a way I can remove the 60C from the unlock list and unlock CN for the f400t? Thanks.


Actually you can, but its not exactly legal. :)


However, if you are strong enough not to use maps on GPSMap60 anymore, after "unlokcing" them for colorado, then the moral issues arent SO alarming.

I'm just saying that there is a way. How? Well, I cant tell you that, it would be just wrong. But internet is full of all kind of information :P


Locking sucks. Its like saying that you can use this CD only in your home audio system, if you want to listen it in your car, you have to buy another CD.


But such is life.

Hopefully I didnt brake any forum rules now. <_<

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