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Hoggin' the FTFs?

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All the instant notifications, maps on cellphones and PDAs takes away from caching.

I don't see that at all. These features have been in place longer than you've been caching, and they are available to everybody. It's a truly level playing field, with the only advantage going to folks who happen to live closest to a cache, (shorter driving time), who are willing to take the steps necessary to nab an FTF. If you are willing to take these steps, then you too will accumulate FTF's.


Personally, I'm kinda lazy, and as such, I'm not willing to hop out of a warm bed at 3:00am just to locate a hidden piece of Tupperware. If I happen to log in to GC .com, and see an unfound cache, I might go for it, or I might go paddle my kayak. Just depends on my mood.

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