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Garmin IE Browser plugin for geocaches

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looks like it also works for firefox. I have been using the communicator plugin from garmin, which looks like this uses to actually interface with the gps. That works with the "send to gps" button on each cache listing.


This looks like neat way to avoid pocket queries. However it looks limited to the search options, i.e. filtering out finds, etc.

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has anyone tried to use the GEOCACHE tool that garmin gives away on their web site? It is a browser install tool for geocaches


Garmin Geocache Tool

Yes, I have tried it. Whenever I have used it, it always seems to just find the nearest 15 caches to the centre of the map, and will automatically zoom the map in our out to show you the region where those 15 caches are spread. There is no filtering for found caches etc.


Clicking on the "More..." link at the bottom left of the browser screen will zoom out to find the next nearest 15 caches, and so on.


You can "Select All", or select one or more individually, and then you can do a bulk download of all caches in one go (up to 15 at a time).


Might be a handy way of getting the 15 or 30 nearest caches to wherever you are for a quick hunt, but not as powerful or flexible as the tools on geocaching.com

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