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  1. Am new to Geoart, so how do I search for it and find it nearby to my local area?
  2. its impossible to call out fake players on other caches (not your own). Its a flaw and feature of geocaching. Many just say they went to the cache location and never opening cache, and no log signed. 1) Have taken to logging the cache myself, and then posting a note after with a photo of my signed log. The owner can then delete the photo (and over half do) of the log. If you want to contest and compare to others, then you will need to just accept that there is much lacking in this game for beginners. You can keep your own journal of caches found, with a cross reference to pictures (save pictures to dropbox). 2) you can also create a secret blackbook/ blacklist journal of folks you know have reduced integrity in the games. Easy to test that by just asking them (email note) to describe the log, and cache back to you; as you mixed up the notes about which cache. You can look at their DNF and if its non existent, you know the truth is out there. LOL Most decide its not worth comparing to others, that seem to never get it. Also need to understand that many play this game by just getting to within ten feet, and never log a DNF.
  3. Are there any folks that do the dual hobbies of Volksmarching and Geocaching? Seems like a double combination that might be great. That alone with Letterboxing (yes I know about that combination).
  4. Am not doing this myself YET, and just getting back into caching after taking a break from it for a few years. But why has photo log verification not become a standard thing? You can post a NOTE on every cache right after your FOUND IT. Else people can just say they found the cache, without actually being there (unless it has a puzzle that requires you solve it). Just curious, and again not saying I will pick up doing this myself.
  5. So what does a souvenir on profile mean ? Can someone show me a picture of one as example ?
  6. Saw an announcement for geocaching weekly challenge. Get a geocache every day for a week. But can’t find what the reward is or who accounts for this if anyone. Is this just a generic announcement on geocaching.com? Because as a returning geocache person would like to take advantage of it.
  7. Take only pIctures. Leave only footprints. Low impact. Caching.
  8. Paranoid or nieve? Take your chances.
  9. It's impersonating a worker bee of the corporate utility overlords. Tell that to the judge who will have to sort it out. Why tempt it? Do you really have time for a court date? Is every cop or muggle that nice to let this go?
  10. The whole impersonating a license official maintenance worker sounds very risky. If someone calls the cops you might get a warning. Or you might get arrested for what ever lame excuse the cop can think of. Not recommending anyone do that. Am surprised some have. The hobby is not worth that kind of bad karma that potentially could happen.
  11. Cellphone pretending is a very logical method. Good idea.
  12. Grown lone wolf man in a playground sounds very creepy. Guess where many urban caches get placed?
  13. Sit near the likely cache with your notebook. Toss your pencil at the location where the cache is. Go looking and start grumbling about lost eraser. Maybe buys you five minutes of looking.
  14. No one here has told you how to set your BEARING mode. So here is how. Go to the COMPASS page on your 60CSX via the PAGE button. Now hit MENU button. If you see the fourth item on the list saying COURSE POINTER you are in BEARING mode already. If it says BEARING POINTER then select it, to switch to BEARING mode. Also the preious tip about turning off the ELECTRONIC COMPASS via holding the PAGE button should be done. Should help you with geocaching.
  15. The comment about being fast is key. Those who place caches that make the last ten feet difficult have themselves to blame when slower searches draw unwanted attention. And the cache gets muggled or taken away. If you hide an urban cache. It's best to not be so secretive. Put exact directions in the encoded text section of your cache posting please. But then that is my opinion
  16. So am out looking for caches in some new to me areas. Does anyone notice how truly weird it seems to be searching for micro caches in any urban environment? Seems like I am some creepy strange person looking in some obscure ratty hole or bush or underneith some rotted bench or leaves. The final 10 feet of searching always seems creepy. More into the stories behind the placing of the cache. And the general area. Areas that are secret special places with important context. Am liking the favorited column to see what is more interesting to people.
  17. I also have a free VOYAGEUR dry bag for your PALM PDA. It will fit you palm and keep it dry. All for the postage.
  18. So a Palm M515 cost $50, the software costs $25, and the GPS costs $100 (no maps). Grand Total is $175. For that price is a Garmin Legend ($100 includes maps), and an older cheaper Palm (maybe $30) runny Smittyware ($8) still a better bargain? Grand total is $138.
  19. I have a Serial Sync Cable for a Garmin Ique. It has a 9 pin serial connector on one side for your serial computer connection, and on the other is a Garmin connector, and a power connector. Part number 010-10410-00 with Garmin. Free to the first one who wants it, and who will then send me postage to be sent priority mail ($4.95 is the flat rate priority three day mailer cost). Let me know who wants it.
  20. The software has been changed-fixed-upgraded a few times. Maybe they have it right now.
  21. I am literally looking for a vote on this. And I am looking for opinions. Assume that I already have a basic cellphone (no contract) with unlimited TEXT messaging. Assume I have a Palm TX PDA (can browse internet, etc.). Assume I have $350. Garmin Nuvi 660 for $350 - has bluetooth, fm transmiter, mp3 player, GPS, picture viewer, proprietary software. lasts 4 to 8 hours on battery. AT&T Tilt for $350 - has WIFI, bluetooth, GPS, WM6, email, etc. All software included. Lasts 4 to 8 hours on battery. Iphone (refurb) for $350 - has wifi, bluetooth, GPS (sort of), email, etc. All software included. Lasts 10 to 20 hours on battery.
  22. Metrogold is $6 which is a great bargain. Not sure of there license scheme, but they are still selling.
  23. Hello, I am in the market for a Garmin Nuvi 660 machine. Prices I have found are $305 typical on ebay $320 third party maybe unauthorized refurbished dealer $370 at Walmart Is there any other source to get this model Garmin at a much deeper discount than this?
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