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Igloo Maker

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I worked at a store that sold these a few years ago. I thought that they were a little hokey. Untill the owner invited the inventor to come and do an in store demo. We trucked snow in from 300 miles away to the parking lot because that was the closest snow to boise in december that year. I and one other guy got to use the form and the inventor gave us some direction as we went. I took a cople hours to build. And in the mid 30's and low 40's it lasted for about 3 weeks in the parking lot. I have tried to build snow caves and other snow shelters in the past and this was lots less work and probably stronger than any of them.

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I bought one a couple of weeks ago.

The first igloo I knocked down before it was finished.

Apparently it is very important to follow directions.

I reread the directions and followed them to the letter and wound up with a great 7 foot igloo.


I was surprised at how well it actually worked given I couldnt make a snow ball with the type of snow in the yard.








I think snow like this would work better



I am going to try the 11 foot version next week, at the chalet.

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I finally got time to build my igloo. With two shovelers, it took about three hours to make a 9' igloo. The snow was wet and heavy, using powdery snow may have an effect on time.


It wasn't as complicated as I have read, Cant wait to hike in a bit and make one.


That is Awesome! ;) It also looks like you live in a beautiful part of the country near the mountains.

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i posted a thread about my first build (solo) on the grandshelters.com forum... click on the picture for a link to the post.



this one has a 11' diameter and stands 6'6" tall. building an igloo that tall using this tool proved to be difficult as i needed to climb a ladder inside and out during the last three layers of the igloo.

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