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Just ordered a 60CSX

Jeff in Pa

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I just ordered a 60CSX from Walmart.com for $305, I was tossing around the idea of a Colorado but I just can't justify $450 for something that needs so many problems fixed. I am certain that Garmin will fix most if not all but I know the 60CSX is a time proven unit for Geocaching. I have a PDA I just bought from here and I have a buddy/backup Explorist 500 coming from Quigleyjones so all that coupled with my software and my C330 I should be good to go for a fun time this year. I will be downloading GPX files so I am excited for this colder weather to pass.

Oh and I was able to handle a 60CSX vs the Vista HCX and for my own personal preference I preffered the 60CSX.


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I keep seeing the opinion that many folks post about the Colorado eventually getting updated enough to be usable. Honestly, after using mine extensively for over a week, I wouldn't hold my breath. The Colorado is so far from being ready firmware-wise aside from the poor battery life with NIMH's (with backlight on, even @ 50%). Garmin intended (obviously) to expand the market and get people who thought GPS's too complicated, to dive in. By doing so, in my opinion, they have both compromised important "advanced" features as well as made features and settings more difficult to navigate and find (i.e. the tracks. You have to configure the track settings in one menu and view the saved ones a mere 234 clicks of the wheel and buttons later, in another. Stupid!).


My verdict, after using a 60CSX for years, get the 60CSX. Its a well honed tool for serious navigation. Besides, IMHO, it's more robust than the Colorado (battery/SD cover on the Colorado is wierdly designed so that you have to remove half of the outer shell of the unit to get at them. Besides that, it doesn't fill me with much confidence that the unit is completely sealed when closed.)


60CSX, the clear choice at this stage of the game.

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