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Map Source Waypoints

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Is there a way to remove the waypoints while using the route tool and then replace them later. The waypoints are always in the way when I'm trying to use the route tool. And if you select "less" on details it removes the country/city streets that I want.

You can open a second instance of MapSource and copy/paste the desired waypoints there, then delete them from your working file, and return them later. It would be nice if the display option in the Waypoint Properties window had a "none" option, but it doesn't (but if you have several you want to hide, deleting and pasting back later would be faster anyway).


In playing with this, I just noticed that if I select "symbol" in the display option MapSource still displays the symbol and name; I don't think I've upgraded to the latest version of MapSource, so this may be a bug they have corrected.

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