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Suggestion to catagorize the GPS unit section


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I would really appreciate seeing some subsections in the hardware forum. There are so many new units coming out by the various brands (and in many instances, new software as well) it would be a giant help to keep topics sorted better. If you could at least add subsections for Magellan, Garmin, Delorme, etc. It's quite time consuming to look through all the posts at the current time to find which thread you are interested in reading. And the search functions don't help too much as it will look for any thread where one of the above brands was mentioned which could actually make the list you have to browse through even longer. Most of the threads talking about the new units also mention the other brands too.


New units are going to mean new problems, and probably quite a few. It will help us all to find solutions to our issues if we can have this section a little more organized.



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