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Buying a Triton in Ohio?

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I wasn't sure if this should be posted under GPS units, or under regional since it invovles both, but i decided to put it here because its' first and foremost about the Magellan Triton.


Does anyone know where to get a Triton in Ohio? Have you seen them in stores yet?


I want to get a 400. According to magellan's website their retailers in my area are radioshack, best buy, dick's sporting goods, walmart, sams club, and target. However, none of those retailers even show the Triton on their website and when I call, they all say that the Triton isn't in their system and they can't tell me if they'll EVER carry it! I know that it's early and that they are just now making it to retailers, but I have a hard time believing that they will get them soon if they don't even know yet if they'll carry that item.


I want to buy it at a brick-n-mortar store, not online. I could travel anywhere in the Cincinnati, Dayton, Springfield and Columbus areas. Does anyone know of a store who is carrying them or who plans on carrying them in these areas? BassPro's website says they have them, but the Cincinnati store has no information at all and doesn't know if they'll get them. I'd greatly appreciate any info.

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