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Anyone use Brunton?

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Specifically the Atlas MNS.


I'm looking for any information (good or bad) about how it is for hiking or off-roading. I've heard it's not a USB compatible unit (is it serial port?) and that the SD card is under the batteries. Any info is helpful. Thanks!



you may want to also check out the Lowrance handhelds, since the brunton is just a retagged Lowrance. To answer your question yes the unit uses a serial port for communications with the PC. I found it more convenient to use a SD card reader to transfer my waypoints and tracks to the Lowrance SD card(I already had the card reader, and the unit didn't come with the cable).



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After looking at it a bit more it seems the Brunton Atlas MNS isn't using the same receiver as the newer Lowrance models. Comparing the Atlas MNS to the Lowrance ExpeditionC you'll see what I mean.




GPS Receiver Channels - 16 channels

Battery Life - Up to 14 hours

Display Type - 256-color TFT

Other Features - music playback, microphone, Scout Mode


I haven't looked into how cheap you can get the Atlas MNS for, but it retails for $399 without the mapping software. you can get an expedition C online with maps for about $325(expedition C plus pack)

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It's always been my understanding that the Bruntons are indeed rebadged Lowrances. However, if that's the case, then it is neither USB nor serial compatible. You use the storage card (and card reader) to transfer waypoints and map details.


If you compare the Brunton to the Lowrance Explorer or PhD then I think you'll see pretty similar specs.


Edited to add: I agree with hogrod -- I wouldn't pay $399 for one. You can probably get a PhD at auction for $100 or less, and the Expedition is newer and has more features.

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