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Uploading two maps to Garmin Legend HCx microSD card


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I have brought together several vector map elements within a particular grid square into GPSMapEdit. saved a .mp file, exported the file to .img through cGPSmapper, renamed the resulting file gmapsupp.img, copied it into the microSD card with the USB Mass Storage on my Garmin connected, and successfully viewed the result.

I have created a second grid square of mapping similarly, and believed that SendMap would take the two .img files and upload them as a mapset into that same microSD card.

When I use SendMap, it cannot connect to my GPS device and provides an error message referring to latest USB drivers. My Garmin USB drivers came as part of MapSource Trip and Waypoint Manager version 4.00 that accompanied my Legend HCx, which is itself, of course, a new model in the Garmin range. So I cannot imagine that the drivers are not up to date. They are located where automatically placed, in C:\Garmin\USB_Drivers.

I have read that SendMap does not like character spaces in paths, so I have placed SendMap. exe and associated files in C:\SendMap\sendmap20 and ensured that there are no character spaces in the path to my two .img files, yet I get the same error message.

I should be grateful for any advice that would permit me to build a series of mapping files into my microSD card, whether by SendMap or other methods. MapSource Trip and Waypoint Manager will not accept .img files.

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As far as I know you can only have one gmapsupp.img file to be read by the Garmin GPS device. If you want to have more maps you will have to consolidate them to one file.


I think you can use IMG2GPS, I use that tool to combine different Topomaps. Maybe you can use it for your purposes too. Have a look.




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Thanks for your reply. I remembered Img2gps earlier and installed it. I was able to upload two .img files and thought that this was the answer. I discovered subsequently, however, that I must not have had the USB Mass Storage connected when I did that, because when I came to load three files with the USB Mass Storage connected, I got an error message similar to what I was being given by SendMap. Once I came out of USB Mass Storage and tried to upload the three maps, it worked. This is fine until I exceed the internal memory. So I should ideally like to be able to upload in a similar manner to the USB Mass Storage.


... I have just this minute tried 'Create File instead of Upload' in Img2gps. It does indeed create a gmapsupp.img file, which I am able to copy to the microSD card. So far as I can see it is producing the complete result.



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