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travel bug milage

hobo dude

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I had a TB given to me but I was never given ownership of it. I use it to track the places that I go to but the milage has not been updated on the bug in nearly a month. Is this something that can be corrected by the owner of the bug or is this something from the gc site that has come up?? I know that it has some miles on it but it should not be a problem. Thanks for any heads up.

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I have a similar question. I have a GeoCoin that I want to use to track my caching miles. I read some posts that said other folks do this and I thought it would be a good idea. One post said to go back and post a note on the caches that were already logged and drop/retrieve the trackable. I only had 50+ Finds at that point so I went back and posted a note on a number of caches that would mark the miles I wanted to track. After a couple of days I checked and the mileage wasn’t noted on the coin page. The state where the cache was located was listed but no mileage. That was a couple of weeks ago. After reading this post I checked again – no mileage – clicked recalculate – nothing. I can view the coin’s track in Google Earth so I know the system has the info. I was thinking maybe I had done something wrong.


Sounds like I have to wait for the system to catch up. Does anyone know how long that might be?

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The last few pages of your geocoin seem to check out. At every drop action, I see a mileage note. The pick up actions do not have mileage associated with them, which is correct. (I'm referencing the coin "JB's Geo 40 Series Geocoin".)


I do not know if the time between your post and when I checked had anything to do with it, but it looks fine now.


I also use a mileage tracker. For my pick up logs, I copy my log entry for the cache and include the cache and FTF number. At times, I might include a small note, such as reconciliation information.


If you have any other questions, I'll try to watch this thread. Since you live in Charlotte, I might see you around at a regional event.

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Ranger Fox,

The coin’s mileage showed up that afternoon after I posted. :D

I was concerned that I had done something wrong when I went back and posted notes for the TB drops … like maybe not starting it off right.


Yea, you’re just up the road. Might even run into ya on the trails.


Thanks for your help!

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I'm curious as to how the milage computation works. I recently went on a trip and did some caching in the new location. I logged several new coins into and out of one of my local caches then dropped them into their new caches. The coin pages shows how far away (270-350 miles) they are from me, but they have no milage. So what does it take to get the milage to start counting.



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I know that it has some miles on it but it should not be a problem.

Sorry, can't help you with your updating problem. I'd just like to point out that for some obscure reason travel bug and geocoin distances are always shown in miles, instead of the unit you've chosen in your preferences (miles or kilometers).


At least for me, miles might as well be furlongs or cable lengths, I have to use a calculator if I want to get an idea how far the bug has traveled. Would it be possible to change the distance to also be shown in the user's preferred units, that way everyone can be happy?

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