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Anyone going to or in Yangshou, China?

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Hi there. I was wondering if someone could help me out please? Me and my wife were in Yangshou, China this year in July (Beautiful place by the way!) A friend gave me a Unite for Diabetes travel bug to bring over there since it's final destination is Shanting, China. I was at the Big Banyan Tree and decided to drop the bug off there. Being a newbie I didn't realize that I had to "maintain" my cache. The moderator wouldn't approve my cache since I live 6500 kms away so it isn't active on this site. I was wondering if someone could please find the bug and place it into a cache that is already set up and maintained by another member so that my travel bug isn't lost forever?


Here are the details....

N 24° 44.050 E 110° 28.867

It is in a field of boulders/rocks opposite the Big Banyan Tree in Yangshou, China. Look for a group of 3 rocks. It is in a crack in the 2nd rock.


I also forgot to log the number off the bug :) If the person who finds it can please email me the number that would be great. Needless to say I have learned a lot from my mistakes. I won't be taking any bugs or coins on my vacations ever again.

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