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Hi Everyone,

I just purchased a Dell Axim X51V to use while Geocaching. I know there are a lot of different GPS programs and gadgets on the market. I saw an advertisement for a compact flash GPS unit and was wondering if anyone has experience using these and can offer their recommendations.


I am open to any suggestions at this point so please give me your PROS and CONS of any and all types.


Thanks in advance,



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I recently bought a Spectec SDG 810 to use in an HP Ipaq and I'm not too impressed with it. It is an SDIO rather than a Compact Flash, but along the same lines.


Spectec SDG 810


The unit shows a strong sat. signal in a program called "GPS viewer", but when I open the mapping software (Oddysey Mobile) it doesn't recognize the GPS receiver. It did work one time - briefly, but when I moved the handheld around, the signal was lost completely and no amount of repositioning could get it back.


I have downloaded all the necessary drivers and followed all installation instructions to the letter. As I said before, I haven't had it very long and have not had much time to "fiddle" with it. Maybe I got a bad unit or maybe they're just junk. I've noticed that Semson's has discontinued the item.....hmmm. :lol:


If you find a Compact Flash for your Dell that works better than this, please keep us updated.

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