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Garmin Etrex Legend question

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Hi everyone,

I did a search on the forums and on the internet, I have a Garmin Etrex Legend, and i am new to geocaching, so my question is:

My GPS does not have an electronic compass, is that going to effect me when i go out looking for caches? I have borrowed someone else's GPS, which has an electronic compass.

I plan on going out tomorrow to find a couple of caches, but if someone would be able to answer my question before i go, it would be appreciated.


Thanks in advanced,


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You do not need an electronic compass to go geocaching. It can be a nice thing to have, but it is not a necessity. Your GPSr will emulate a compass based on your movements and based on this determination, it will give you a "goto arrow" that you can follow. When the "goto arrow" is displayed, you will also see the emulated compass dial. Note particularly that your GPSr can only do this when you are moving. When you stand still, it won't be able to make the calculations and then the arrow starts to bounce around and possibly point in the wrong direction. But even a little movement will get it working again. So watch the arrow as you approach the cache.

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