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Help with Firmware Upgrade question and/or tips on using Magellan Explorist 500LE

WI MadMan

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Hello Midwesterner Geocachers:


I posted the thread below to the "general" forum, but haven't gotten any replies. I thought I'd repost it, to 1)introduce myself to this forum, and 2) see if some nice midwestern geocacher soul could help me figure this out.


First the intro: I'm a married guy with 3 teenage kids (and a wonderful wife), living in Madison, WI. I and my family love to camp and hike, so I'm (we're) excited to get started geocaching; hopefully as a family.


I'm very much a "Neocacher" and new to GPS technology altogether. I just got my Magellan 500LE yesterday and am working on getting things set-up, software-wise.


This unit came bundled with the MapSend Topo 3D software (USA) 3CD set (2 install disks and the Map Data disk) Version 1.00 (MS3DUS_100_1) copyright 2004 by Thales Navigation.


Also included in this bundle pack was a single MapSend Software CD V1.06 copyright 2005 by Thales.


AND, it came with the Magellan eXplorist Installation Disk Version 1.11 copyright 2005 by Thales.


Here's what I've done so far:

1. Installed the Magellan eXplorist CD -- all successfully

2. Installed the 3 disk set of the MapSend Topo 3D -- all successfully


I did NOT run/install the single MapSend Software CD V1.06, presuming that I'd install the full product and need to upgrade if/as necessary.


What has me confused is a slip of paper that came with my GPS unit that states:


GPS Firmware Upgrade CD

"Important: If during installation of this MapSend product you are asked to perform a GPS firmware (software) upgrade, use only the firmware upgrade CD-ROM included with this product. Do not use old version of the MAGUP GPS update program that may be on your hard drive or on the MapSend product CD."


Note: On the Magellan Install disk is an option entitled "Firmware Update". When I select this option I jump to the Magellan Website where I can search for info on my 500 eXplorist. Doing this, I get a page that has Manuals, FAQs and Updates, etc. (where I've downloaded the file for firmware Version 2.03 (which I presume is the updated North America basemap); Again, I downloaded this, but have not run/installed the file because I'm not sure I need to. Besides, the procedures are pretty involved and I want to make sure it's the right next step.)


Here are my questions:

1. Does the firmware upgrade pertain to getting a new N.A. basemap or something else altogether? My GPS version is 5.2.17 Apr 24, 2007. Pretty darn new, so I'm surprised that I'd need to update firmware already!

2. Do I need to do anything?!! I'm just pretty confused about my next step and want to move carefully.


I currently do NOT have an SD card in my GPS (this unit has this capability) but I plan to get one soon (i.e. prior to uploading maps from the Topo software). I only have 8 gigs of internal memory on this unit and so I presume that's a wise move on my part.


Any advice is greatly appreciated to help me avoid a bonehead next move.




WI MadMan (aka J_Bavet)

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Version 5.2.17 is the current version for the North American eXplorist 500 and 500LE.

Make sure you install the Geocaching Manager software so you can download Geocaches to your unit.

You can also load Geocaches using EasyGPS, GSAK or Geobuddy software from a .GPX file.

The eXplorist Geocache files are limited to 200 Geocaches. You can load additional files into the memory and switch between them using the Active Map menu function. You can load an addituonal Geocache waypoints using a program such as EasyGPS, GSAK or Geobuddy with either a .GPX or .LOC file. That will allow you to dislay up to 700 Geocaches at a time. (200 Geocaches + 500 Points Of Interest Geocaches).


You might consider joining the Yahoo! eXplorsit Group for more help with questions.

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