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emailing a tracklog to a friend...


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I have a Vista HCx with a tracklog that I have saved. My buddy wants the tracklog so he can look at it on Google Earth. He doesn't have a Garmin or MapSource software. Is there any format I can e-mail it to him? Any programs that would allow him to use it for viewing in Google Earth?

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You can use G7ToWin to pull your tracks, modify and save them in .gpx format. This will show on Goggle Earth.


If you want to improve your track, run it through Claude GPS2KML. It will generate statistics on your track, put arrows for direction, and produce graphs such as elevation, and speed. The .kml file it makes opens directly in Google Earth.


If you took some digital photos, drag them into Claude, and the created .kmz file will have all of the above and your photos where you took them. (This depends on your tracklog having the time and date stamp, so for Garmin you may need to use the current track, not saved.)

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