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Ok, just got a copy of National Geographic "Topo Outdoor Recreation Mapping" software for the area I live. This program is put together using USGS 7 1/2 maps. In scrolling around the area I find BM X. In pulling up the NGS benchmarks for my area, there are some showing on the map that are not included in this list.


My big question is -- Is there a place that I can look using the coordinates, that will show whos benchmark this is, as in NGS or USGS or other?


Also where can I get a list of the USGS marks for the area I live?


Thanks in advance.

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I would suggest reading through the USGS thread a few below this one that has 4 pages. It will be alot of reading - but it will get you up to speed on how the folks here are dealing with USGS marks!


Good luck! and keep us posted on your efforts!

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Most of the benchmarks shown on a USGS quad map are USGS benchmarks. Marks from other local, State, & federal agencies are sometimes shown on the Quads if their locations were known to the cartographers. Presently, USGS benchmark data is only available in paper form; it is not posted online. You can obtain USGS benchmark data through the USGS office for your State.

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