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Our Park and Rec borrowed me 11 of these units. However, the instruction book nor the person who bought them knows how to put in waypoints manually. :laughing: I have tried and got one in, but can't get it to take a second one without overriding the first one. Anybody familiar with these and can give me a stepbystep on how to enter waypoints? I have an event this Saturday for a bunch of kids and need to get these things ready to go.

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I basic operation you can save two waypoints, your home waypoint and a man overboard waypoint.


To save additional waypoints (up to 1000) you must switch to Advanced mode.


In advanced mode you push the Ent key twice. You will be given several options on how you can save the waypoint.


If you are using the cursor pressing the Ent key twice will give you the option of saving at the cursor location.


If you need more information please post back.

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<_< Thanks to everyone who helped with this. I am grinding my fingers to nubs putting in 14 waypoints on 14 GPS's which don't hold satellites very well... but I'm gettin' er' done! I just hope the goofy compasses on the things work, they don't seem to be pointing in the right directions - at least from my home, but the location is 12 miles from my house. It would really stink if I went through all this work and then it does not work... yikes <_<
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