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Alternative Logging Method

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I pretty much trust the locals around here.


Same way I feel! Truly, if someone doubts my many times I have gone out forgetting a pen, I could care less! I KNOW where I've been and what I've found. I have been FTF a few times where I forgot a pen in my hurry to get out of the house (and usually I'm on the motorcycle...no pen there)...once, the STF knew I had been there and actually signed the log for me! It has never been a problem for anyone here!


There is really only 1 cache I regret not having signed the log on: The cache (forgot the name as this was when we first started) was surrounded by water...deep water...and it was spring(ish), so that was a bunch of COLD water! I hadn't any way to get the container, but I could see the gallon jug from the edge of the water...about 20'. The jug had a nice cache sticker attached and was hidden somewhat (the water may have removed some of the camo)...it was obvious that it was the cache, but I wasn't about to walk over to get it through the water (possibly knee deep or so).


I did log it as a find and wrote the owner who understood the situation. My regret is that I didn't take the time to go back and assure myself of the find (although, from my description, the owner knew I had "found" the cache). Since I can't even remember which it was, I won't lose sleep, but that is my "iffy" find! Any other cache I haven't signed either were ones I had opened to assure it was the cache (no pen or bad arthritis day) or were ones with a wet log.


I have since learned that some cachers can be anal as all get out (from some comments seen in previous threads on topics as this), so I have learned there are other ways to put a mark on a page...just to make those "purists" happy!


That's basically it. If I log on-line I will make my mark, but not because I think it has any significance, but rather, as you say, just to keep some purists "happy" and avoid needless bad blood.

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