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Finger Lakes?

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The following is in New York Admin's profile:


Finger Lakes Land Trust properties: Geocaching not allowed and include;


Bahar (Town of Niles)

Biodiversity (Lindsay-Parsons) (Town of Danby)

Bishop (T. of Fayette)

Ellis Hollow (T. of Dryden)

Etna (T. of Dryden)

Gahada gehn yod (T. of Dix and V. of Montour Falls) (not publicized)

Goetchius (T. of Caroline)

Great Hill (Towns of Middlesex and Italy)

High Vista (T. of Scott)

King (T. of richford)

Lauman (T. of Ulysses) (not publicized)

Leedy's Roseroot (T. of Dundee) (not publicized)

Lick Brook (Sweedler Preserve) (T. of Ithaca)

Lower (T. of Enfield)

Martin (T. of Catharine)

McIlroy Bird Sanctuary (T. of Summerhill)

Parker (T. of Bath)

Plymouth Woods (T. of Big Flats)

Salmon Creek Bird Sanctuary (T. of Lansing)

Steege Hill (T. of Big Flats)

Stevenson (T. of Enfield)

Thurber (T. of Groton)

Wesley Hill (Towns of Richmond and So. Bristol)

Whitlock (T. of Romulus)


This is probably a dumb question, but are the things before the parentheses referring to entire towns referenced in the parentheses, or just a specific area which happens to be located in those towns?


It just seems odd - entire towns banning it? Or is it just like specific parks or preserves in those towns?

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Those are the names of conservation areas managed by the Finger Lakes Land Trust, located WITHIN the townships, named in parenthesis.


Just as an FYI, GC39 The Spot, one of the oldest caches east of the Mississippi, and currently THE oldest active cache east of the Mississippi, is located just the other side of the Great Hill Trust area, in a DEC managed area. Its too bad the FLLT forbids caching. Great Hill is on the southern end of Canandaigua Lake, and offers a GORGEUS view up the length of the Lake. Would be an AWESOME place to put a cache.

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I find the policy ironic, because the largest private land trust in Pennsylvania has adopted a pro-geocaching policy that tracks the policy used by our State Parks and State Forests. The Western Pennsylvania Conservancy manages 100's of properties covering 1000's of acres. Their best-known property is "Fallingwater," the famous Frank Lloyd Wright house.


Cross a state border, get a different geocaching policy. Happens all the time.

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yeah, i agree Lep.

But, in this case, the FLLT, as well as other land trusts, do NOT own most of the properties. These trusts are made up of donated conservations easements. That means the owners still OWN the property, get to use it, and get to make up many of the stipulations for access and usage.

What the Trusts do, is enforce these stipulations. When an easement is signed over, it means the future usage for that land is limited, meaning the owners, or FUTURE landowners cannot develop the land outside of those stipulations, FOR EVER. That usually means no agricultural, commercial OR residential development.

Any way, I guess since its pretty much up to the owners of the property, NOT the Trust to allow geocaching or not, and to not open up a can of worms, I'm guessing they just have a blanket policy of no caching.

I wonder if NYGO has approached any of the trusts to work anything out?


On another subject, I guess what I dont understand is DEC's reasoning on allowing caches on most of their 9 different classifications of managed areas, yet DONT allow them on WMAs. (Wildlife Management Areas).

Now by the name, you might think, "well, they're wildlife areas".

I dont see a difference between the local WMAs and the State Forests.

As a matter of fact, Rattlesnake Hill WMA has many old roads going through it, some of which are still open to vehicular traffic, and some that were gated off for non-vehicular traffic. Hiking, mountainbiking, horse riding and even camping (in designated areas) is allowed on Rattlesnake Hill.

It even shares a border with its neighboring Ossian State Forest, which is less developed.

I guess there are reasons listed somewhere, but I dont understand it.

I can see if an area is habitat for rare, endangered, or just not very common to the area wildlife species, or something like that, not allowing caching.

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The wma issue needs to be adressed,at there web site they encourage every kind of out door activaty you can imagine except geocaches.Also Here on Long Island much of our outer beach(F.I.N.S.)has been closd to geocaching,yet at These very same beaches you can build a house ,camp,four wheel drive,Hunt,fish,and even Dress like a woman and run down the board walk while other men cheer you on!(Don't ask me how I know :anicute: )Just don"t hide any tupperware.

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