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Jeep Featuring Geocaching at Boomsday!


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Those of you from the Knoxville area, or any of the surrounding areas are probably familiar with Boomsday. Every year, on Labor Day, the city of Knoxville and several area businesses host a massive celebration with a 30 minute fireworks display that is choreographed to music. Boomsday has always had it's share of big sponsors too, and in recent years, Jeep joined in. I was just looking at the Boomsday website (boomsday.org) and noticed Jeep is bringing a GEOCACHING EXHIBIT to Boomsday this year! Way to go Jeep... trying to get more people interested. I'm looking for an increase in the number of Geocachers in the East Tennessee area after this. Hope to get down there and check it out myself.


Below is quoted from the boomsday.org website detailing Jeep's displays for this years Boomsday.



Jeep Adventure Trailer – Your opportunity to experience the Jeep Life firsthand


Six seat Jeep Adventure simulator

Geocashing Display

Mopar Display

Jeep Adventure video

Action Sports display area featuring Tony Hawk skateboard

Jeep Gear product display

26’ Rock Climbing Wall



P.S. And yeah, the misspelling came directly from their website. :)

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